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 The Flat6 Series has no blip, you need to make heals/toes technique on braking/down shifting phases.
 The Flat6 series has to be driven with degressive braking technics like in real race cars.
 The Flat6 Series has no driving help (NO ABS, NO Traction Control). They are disabled in the mod.
 The cars has been beta tested on several hardware and driving wheels brands (Logitech G25/27/DFGT, Thrustmaster T300/T500, Fanatec ClubSport) and is calibrated to work with all.
 If needed you can adjust FFB power using the FFB Upgrade in game tuning options of the car.


  • It is the most successful race car on earth: The Flat6 GT3 Cup. With over 2,200 units sold, it is the undisputed number one amongst customer racing teams all over the world...


  • Now, the new 911 GT3 Cup features a 100-litre FT3 safety fuel tank, which is filled via an opening in the front bonnet. Compared to its predecessor, the vehicle is now suitable for an even wider range of endurance racing. Moreover, the new fuel tank contributes to a further improvement of the high safety standards.
  • The 2012-spec Flat6 911 GT3 Cup is based on the lightweight 911 GT3 RS (997) street sports car. The power unit is largely identical to the production engine of the 911 GT3 RS with the same output of 450 bhp and the same maximum engine speed of 8,500 rpm. A race exhaust system with a controlled catalytic converter keeps emissions to a minimum.
  • The flared wheel arches at the front axle accommodate light alloy rims measuring 9.5Jx18 with 25/64-18 Michelin race tyres. The light alloy rims at the rear measure 12Jx18 with 30/68-18 tyres. Depending on the type of racing, the new 911 GT3 Cup features different rim specifications. The blade-type anti-roll bars at the front and rear are adjustable in seven positions allowing an extremely precise set-up for each race track. Exclusive to the Flat6 Mobil1 Supercup which runs as support to Formula 1 is the PCCB Flat6 Ceramic Composite Brake. This is also available for Flat6's road models. Compared to the composite cast brakes in the Carrera Cups and the GT3 Cup Challenges, PCCB reduces the weight of the car by around 20 kilograms.
  • Engine: 3,797 cc; stroke 76.4 mm; bore 102.7 mm diameter.
  • Power: 450 hp at 7,500 rpm.
  • Max RPM: 8,500 rpm
  • Gearbox: Six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox (G97/63) with active oil cooling and pressure-oil lubrication.
  • Brakes: Aluminium six-piston calipers, in red at front, 380mm. Aluminium four-piston calipers, in red at rear, 355mm.
  • Suspension: McPherson strut-type axle, height-adjustable.
  • Tank capacity: 100 Liters.
  • Weight: 1160 kg.


10JAP| #03 Direction Racing - Gen Emoto
10JAP| #09 Team Art Taste - Kenji Kobayashi
10JAP| #10 Team Garmin - Hideto Yasuoka
10ME| #07 Al Faisal Racing Team - Abdulaziz Al Faisal
11SC| #01 Veltins Lechner Racing - Rene Rast
11SC| #12 Attempto Racing - Kevin Estre
11SC| #16 Team Abu Dhabi by tolimit - Sean Edwards
11WC| #803 Team Carrera Cup Asia - Darryl O'Young
11GB| #01 Team Nationwide - Tim Harvey
11GB| #05 Team Parker Racing - Richard Plant
11GB| #87 Team Parker Racing - Alex Martin
11FRA| #24 PRO GT By Almeras - Henry Hassid
11ITA| #01 Ebimotors - Alessandro Balzan
11ITA| #05 Petricorse Motorsport - Vito Postiglione
11AUS| #07 McElrea Racing - Jonny Reid
11AUS| #12 Laser Racing - Steven Richards
11AUS| #17 INCA Motorsports - Ray Angus
11AUS| #20 Team BRM - Ben Barker
11AUS| #29 McElrea Racing - Michael Patrizi
11SCA| #01 Xlander Racing - Robin Rudholm
11SCA| #04 Kristoffersson Motorsport - Johan Kristoffersson
11ME| #49 ClassicArabia Racing - Fawaz Algosaibi
12SC| #08 MRS GT-Racing - Philipp Eng
12SC| #10 Verva Racing Team - Kuba Giermaziak
12SC| #12 Konrad Motorsport - Sean Edwards
12SC| #16 Lechner Racing - Rene Rast
12SC| #18 Team Bleekemolen - Jeroen Mul
12SC| #88 Haribo Racing Team - Hans Giedo Riegel
12GER| #05 FE Racing by Land Motorsport - Jaap Van Lagen
12GER| #14 Team Deutsche Post by tolimit - Rene Rast
12GB| #07 Team Parker Racing - Sam Tordoff
12GB| #19 Juta Racing - Tautvydas Barstys
12GB| #20 Parr Motorsport - Ben Barker
12FRA| #09 Sebastien Loeb Racing - Sebastien Loeb
12FRA| #12 JSB Competition - Julien Briche
12FRA| #14 Pro GT by Almeras - Romain Monti
12FRA| #888 Ange Barde Racing - Ange Barde
12ITA| #04 Ebimotors - Vito Postiglione
12ITA| #13 Tsunami RT - Oleksandr Gaidai
12ITA| #15 Antonelli Motorsport - Gianluca Giraudi
12ITA| #17 Heaven Motorsport - Enrico Fulgenzi
12ITA| #27 Antonelli Motorsport - Matteo Malucelli
12ASIA| #03 Flatsix China - David Brabham
12ASIA| #86 Team Eagle - Martin Ragginger
12AUS| #01 Jet Travel Insurance Racing - Craig Baird
13ASIA| #03 Team Flatsix Asia - Sebastien Loeb
13ASIA| #07 Nexus Racing - Earl Bamber
13ASIA| #20 Team Jebsen - Rodolfo Avila
13ASIA| #58 Budweiser Kamlung Team - Tung Ho-Pin
13ASIA| #86 Team Eagle - Martin Ragginger