Alpine Series rF2 | build 2.00 Released

 2022 March 11

Enduracers Modding Team is pleased to share the build 2.00 of their Alpine Series mod for rFactor 2 platform. After a highly praised first release, we have improved several domains of the mod, in particular on the graphics of rims and interiors, and with the addition of numerous new paint shemes. In addition, we made some finetuning on the car handling.

Endurance Series rF2 | build 4.10 Released

 2021 March 05

EnduRacers Modding Team & Gentlemen Racers are pleased to provide to you the Endurance Series rF2 build 4.10 ! The build is improving only the graphical domain, but quite heavily. Indeed, we have added to all cars the last features, such as the PBR bodywork shaders, to allow to reproduce very accurate real paint shemes with metallic parts, chromes, and much more. We added in addition IBL shaders to most parts of each cars : cockpits, steering wheels, drivers, chassis, wheels. An important work has been made on cars interiors to improve the immersion, with better displays quality, better RPM leds, improved drivers gloves and much more.

Alpine Series rF2 | build 1.00 Released

 2021 January 15

The Alpine Series rF2 mod is the result of a successfull collaboration with Signatech Alpine team. It does feature 2 specifications of the new Alpine A110 model, the Cup version wich is raced, in particular, in the Alpine Europa Cup championship, and the GT4 version that can be seen in GT4 Challenge all around Europe. The models have got a high level of detail, and includes the most advanced rFactor2 technologies such as PBR bodywork shaders, advanced physics and tyres behavior, full rain support, and driver animations....

Flat6 Series rF2 | build 7.00 Released

 2020 December 30

EnduRacers Modding Team & Gentlemen Racers are pleased to provide to you the Endurance Series rF2 build 7.00 ! The build update includes only graphical changes, such as the use of new IBL shader on most of chasis and interior parts of the car...

Alpine Series rF2 | Project unveiled

 2020 September 16th

The team is proud to unveil its last project in development : the Alpine Series rF2 mod. This new mod will feature 2 weapons of choice : the Alpine A110 Cup, and the Alpine A110 GT4 racers. Both cars have been build in close collaboration with Signatech Alpine, using CAD files to build high definition graphical models, frequent access to have to go deep in details...

CarreraCup Series rF2 | build 1.00 Released

 2020 May 01

EnduRacers Modding Team is pleased to provide to you the CarreraCup Series rF2 carpack build 1.00 ! This carpack is based on the Porsche 991 GT3 Cup by S397 Steam DLC, wich is mendatory to run the pack. The aim of the carpack is to provide real championships, real teams, real drivers to the already existing paint shemes. The carlist is listed in specific folder in the game menu, called "CarreraCupSeries rF2"...

Flat6 Series rF2 | build 6.00 Released

 2020 April 17

EnduRacers Modding Team & Gentlemen Racers are pleased to provide to you the Endurance Series rF2 build 6.00 ! The mod update includes in particular the new PBR bodywork shaders, new menu icon, and some physic updates...

Revamped website

 2020 March 30

Today, we have launched a new official website for the team. More modern, more friendly user. You will find all information about the team MODs in progress, download links, and much more ! We hope it will please you, do not hesitate to navigate though all the pages, cars presentations,...have fun !