Alpine Series rF2 | build 1.00 Released

 2021 January 15

The Alpine Series rF2 mod is the result of a successfull collaboration with Signatech Alpine team. It does feature 2 specifications of the new Alpine A110 model, the Cup version wich is raced, in particular, in the Alpine Europa Cup championship, and the GT4 version that can be seen in GT4 Challenge all around Europe. The models have got a high level of detail, and includes the most advanced rFactor2 technologies such as PBR bodywork shaders, advanced physics and tyres behavior, full rain support, and driver animations. The mod includes a lot of paint shemes coming from different years and championships.

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Graphics High fidelity detailled 3D model.
Graphics High quality 4k real paint shemes and detailled textures.
Graphics Up to date shaders with PBR bodywork and full IBL new shaders.
Graphics Animated car driver with real suits and gloves, and high definition 3D Helmet.
Graphics Fully integrated rain system, with rain drops and animated wiper.
Graphics Up to date mod UI icons.
Physics Accurate car physics, created in collaboration with Laurent Hurgon and Pierre Sancinema (pro drivers in Alpine Europa cup championship).
Physics Up to date rF2 deformable tire model with CPM2 technology.
Physics Ultra chassis technology.
Physics Up to date aero, suspension and FFB features.
Sounds Accurate and detailed sounds up to date with rF2 features.

MOD Download

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Alpine Series rF2 build 1.00 rfcmp