Alpine Series rF2 | build 2.00 Released

 2022 March 11

Enduracers Modding Team is pleased to share the build 2.00 of their Alpine Series mod for rFactor 2 platform. After a highly praised first release, we have improved several domains of the mod, in particular on the graphics of rims and interiors, and with the addition of numerous new paint shemes. In addition, we made some finetuning on the car handling.

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Graphics Improved steering wheel central marker design.
Graphics Improved RPM leds shader and rendering.
Graphics Improved Rims shader and rendering.
Graphics Improved backfire shader and rendering.
Graphics Corrected steering wheel display so data are not cutted.
Graphics Updated all 2018-2019-2020 paint shemes to real driver names and numbers fonts.
Graphics Added all paint shemes from 2021 Alpine Europa Cup season.
Graphics Added various GT4 paint shemes from 2018 to 2021 seasons.
Graphics Added AI talent files for realistic AI drivers speed.
Graphics Restructured paint shemes lists in menus.
Physics Improvement of the aero balance between FWING, RWING and Bodywork.
Physics Traction control improvements.
Physics Rain tires improvements.

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Alpine Series rF2 build 2.00 rfcmp