Epsilon Euskadi

Epsilon Euskadi is a High Performance Motor Racing Technology Centre aiming to be a reference point for European motor racing. They have built the first spanish prototype which is racing in Le Mans 24hrs and LMS Championship. Epsilon is also involved in World Series FR3.5 and Formula Renault FR 2.0 Italia and France.


Gentlemen Racers

Gentlemen-Racers are organizing online championships/races with the closest condition to real racing. They have two types of events, sprint races and the endurance events. A part of the league is also specialized in physics creation for different mods: F3 euro 2007, Porsche Carrera Cup France, Epsilon Euskadi,…


Koda Factory

Alex Koda is a well known simracing skinner that realise high quality paint shemes of real or fictionnal cars, for rFactor and GTREvo. Get his lastest realisations on his website !



VirtualR.net is the leading news resource for the sim racing community, offering news, downloads and indepth reviews on anything that’s of interest for fans of virtual racing.



DrivingItalia.NET - the natural evolution of simracing! - the web portal fully dedicated to the simracing fans, with a big forum, article, special, virtual championship and more!



Paddock TV est une chaîne de web TV axée sur le sport automobile et particulièrement le Sim Racing. Il est toujours agréable de suivre ses coéquipiers en direct lors d'une course d'endurance ou bien de revoir la course de la veille pendant laquelle on a passé la moitié de la course à batailler avec 3 autres pilotes. Une, ligue, une équipe, un pilote souhaite être rediffusé ? Contactez nous, Paddock Tv est la pour tous les simracers.



Letigilo is specialised in internet services, webdevelopment, webdesign, platform development, art design, webhosting, server maintenance, hardware and much more, but also in marketing, sales, service and quality.


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