After download, launch the Endurance Series SP3 mod installer .exe file.

Install the Endurance Series SP3 in your main rFactor folder.





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85% of the sounds included in the mod comes from records of real sounds on track and in cars with profesionnal hardware. The development is made with a specific method not standard with the ISI sound engine. This new way of work with the sounds is volunter to respect the dynamics and realism of the real sounds, and to pass over the limitation of the default ISI recomandations. This can conduct in some minor issues impossible to fix with the current support and engine sound. This new experience will, probably, help you to feel more the intensity of the driving of these track beasts With this new method we hope, you share a new dimention in audio imersion for sim racing mods (so often under developped in game).

Thanks for all the following teams to share with us their passion, for their sympatic welcome and their autorization for recording sounds :

The panoz sounds are ISI work and properties. A correction of the level was made to integrate them with the cars made by EnduRacers.

Thank you to respect the optimized values indicated to match with the calibration made for real imersion.

Enduracers remind you to ear with limitation in volume and time, in order not to degradate your ears. And Think about your neighbours !




Special thanks for their help in the mod's developement and their collaboration to :







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