Modding is a slang expression that is derived from the verb "modify". Modding refers to the act of modifying a piece of hardware or software or anything else for that matter, to perform a function not originally conceived or intended by the designer. The term modding is often used within the computer game community, particularly in regard to creating new or altered content and sharing that via the web".

EnduRacers is centered around simracing modding. We are creating new content for racing simulations (rFactor, rFactor 2). Our work is free and made with passion for motorsports, particulary sports car racing. There may be no commercial use, and nocommercial third party use.



Created in 2006, Enduracers Modding Team is an independent group of passionate motorsports fans who are bringing the best endurance racing championship to your desktop. We want the whole rFactor community to have the chance to experience the most competitive, relevant and fun series on the planet. We will bring you the most realistic and accurate mod in sim racing. For Free!

"L'Endurance, c'est Le Mans, La simulation, c'est Enduracers!"



Enduracers is always looking for talents passionated by endurance and interested in working on our long term project (Endurance Series mod) in various domains like 3D Modeling and 2D texturing.

If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us !



The team is interested in donation that could help us buy tools, softwares, and everything needed to make us work in perfect conditions to deliver you the best free mods.