The Flat6 GT3 a fictional racecar racing in the GTC Class. The car is powered by a 3800cc engine, delivering 450bhp at 8500rpm. Power is delivered through a sequential six-speed manual gearbox and the complete package weighs in at 1200kg.

The GTC Class has been introduced in 2010 and the ALMS Championship, and has been very popular since then. The car running this category is also known for being very popular in monotype racing series featuring the model you can know enjoy within the mod.





GENSTRINGS (Low Quality Screens)


HOOD NO HOLE : GenString=1xxxxxx

HOOD WITH HOLE : GenString=2xxxxxx

BRAKES CUP : GenString=x1xxxxx

BRAKES SUPERCUP : GenString=x2xxxxx

FRONT BUMPER CUP : GenString=xx1xxxx

FRONT BUMPER ALMS : GenString=xx2xxxx

TYRES MICH CUP : GenString=xxx1xxx

TYRES MICH : GenString=xxx2xxx

TYRES YOKO ALMS : GenString=xxx3xxx

TYRES CONTINENTAL : GenString=xxx4xxx

RIMS BBS : GenString=xxxx1xx

RIMS OZ : GenString=xxxx2xx

RIMS BBS BLACK : GenString=xxxx3xx

RIMS OZ BLACK : GenString=xxxx4xx

COCKPIT BOX : GenString=xxxxx1x

NO COCKPIT BOX : GenString=xxxxx2x

FUSIBLE COVER : GenString=xxxxxx1

NO FUSIBLE COVER : GenString=xxxxxx2

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