Flat6 Series rF2 | build 6.00 Released

 2020 April 17

EnduRacers Modding Team & Gentlemen Racers are pleased to provide to you the Flat6 Series rF2 build 6.00 ! This build introduce the new bodywork PBR shaders system on the Flat6 GT3 Cup car. This allowed us to rework all the paint shemes rendering for more realism, with for exemple better chromes or metallic effects. Some other graphic improvements have been added, and new cars icons have been included, for both new and old UI.

The build includes in addtion an overall physics update of the car, and of the AI opponents. Don't forget to read carefully the instructions to install and setup correctly the mod.


Graphics Updated cars icons for new and old UI.
Graphics Updated bodywork shader to PBR system.
Graphics Updated all paint shemes to benefit the new PBR shader.
Graphics Updated cockpit leds rendering.
Graphics Updated cockpit carbon shaders.
Graphics Updated tail light rendering.
Graphics Updated headlights rendering.
Graphics Updated Cockpit rollcage shader.
Physics Adjustement on Brake power and curves.
Physics Adjustement on tires.
Physics Aero balance adjustment for body and wing.
Physics Adjustements on inertia and FFB Power.
Physics Steering Ratio adjustment (18°).
Physics Activation of suspension telemetry for DOF chassis owners.
Physics Minor adjustment on AI.

MOD Download

Flat6 Series rF2 MOD FULL
Flat6 Series rF2 Steam Workshop Item
Flat6 Series rF2 build 6.00 rfcmp
Flat6 Series rF2 build 6.00 rfcmp
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