After a one year long collaboration, EnduRacers and Epsilon Euskadi proudly present to you the Epsilon Euskadi Mod for rFactor-ISI. Live the best endurance racing experience ever seen, driving the first spanish prototype ever built. Behind the steering wheel like Angel Burgeno, you will feel the pleasure of driving the P1 prototype powered with a 650HP Judd engine with a very advanced aero design.

The mod includes very accurate 3D models using the CAD Catia official models, realisitic physics created using official P1 data and high quality sounds. The mod will give you the most realistic behavior ever made for a prototype.





Check readme for:
- Boost mapping usage recommendations.
- Steering wheel upgrades description.
- rFactor lighting parameters for night race recommendations.
- rFactor sounds parameters.
- FFB Parameters for pure real feel.

New tires wear/set of tires : Super Soft (about 40 minutes), Soft (about 60 minutes), Medium (about 120 minutes), Hard (about 180 minutes). The recommanded aero ranges (max values to the rear for front) : 6-20, 5-17, 4-14, 3-11, 2-7, 1-3. Default boost value : 2, the consumpsion is about 1 hour with 90 liters on this position.