Endurance Series - rFactor2 strategy and first information


Date : 08 May 2014


Dear Sim racers, EnduRacers and Gentlemen-Racers would like to introduce you the strategy we've defined for our swich over the new rFactor2 platform.




EnduRacers and the Gentlemen-Racers have been working together since 2006 on scratch made mods for rFactor modding platform. We have released numerous MODs, such as the Porsche Carrera Cup France mod, the Epsilon Euskadi (in official partnership with the manufacturer) mod, the Flat6 Series and of course our core projet, the Endurance Series mod, released in several packages (v1, SP1, SP2, SP2.1, SP3), keeping the mod alive and growing.

This amount of releases has only been possible since we adopted a specific organisation. Indeed :

EnduRacers crew is focused on :

Gentlemen-Racers take care of these domains :


rFactor 2


We can confirm that this organisation will be kept for rFactor2, to allow simracers the same production quality. As announced for the platform unveilment, we've decided to work step by step to add and release our content, in order to learn rF2. In consequences, some features may not be able on the first releases (for example, the turbo implementation on the turbo engines).

About models, as announced the first car released will be the Flat6 GT3, winthin the Flat6 series mod, coming as standalone. Then, the Endurance Series mod will be introduced in multiple releases, adding cars (and features) progressively in each new build. We can already confirm you the cars of the first release :

As you can see, our first decision is to focus the mod step by step on newer categories, like GTE in replacement of GT2. In addition, we want the mod core to be playabe since the first release with homogenic classes to allow online races and championships. This is why for exemple we are including in the first release "old" models like the Ferrari F430 and the Porsche 997, with a choice to develop physics based on GTE regulations instead of GT2.

The next releases will be featuring LMP2 class cars (lists to be announced in the future) and GTE class cars (replacement of the F430 and the 997 RSR by more recent models). We will focus on these 2 categories first. About LMP1 cars, no choice is made today, mainly due to the workload engaged to produce the core of the mod first, we will announce decisions later. In addition, it is not possible for us to develop new generation LMP1 since no game at this moment is able to simulate Hybrid engines technology. About GT1 cars, the decision is made that rF1 cars won't be ported over the rF2 version of the Endurance Series mod, but that does not mean we abandon this category and the created models.

Hope these information are clear for you, we are exited to deliver the rF2 releases for you, for free ! As usual, no need to ask for release dates. Do not forget to stay tuned on our developments :