Endurance Series - Development update


Date : 04 October 2013


The team is happy to confirm you a new entry to the Endurance Series mod. Indeed, we've developped the Zytek's, wich are aiming to replace the 06s in the future of the mod. We have worked on the Zytek 07s and 07s-2, and on the Ginetta Zytek 09s, covering the specitifcations from 2007 to 2011. Of course, the car is available in both LMP1 and LMP2 versions, with all real skins seen on the different racing series.

We are offering you in addition some new screenshots of the Lola Aston-Martin LMP1, with teams Muskle Milk and Signature Plus. Stay tuned for more news about new cars development for our Endurance Series mod. To avoid some possible discussions, we can confirm you that there is still no decision taken about our future modding platform.