Endurance Series - rFactor | Service Pack 1 - Newsletter #13


The Endurance Series SP1 trailer is unveiled !

EnduRacers crew is today very happy to unveil the Endurance Series SP1 trailer. It features the new model included in the upcoming Service Pack 1, and in addition all the new graphic features that have been implemented for your pleasure. We hope you will like the video. Don't forget to download and and watch the HD movie in order to enjoy the best graphic quality possible. The team is not only working hard to provide you 6 new cars, but almost a whole new mod ! The progress is good and the beta test results are positive.

In addition, We've released a complete update of the website. in addition to some design tweackings, you can find now a specific section destinated to the Endurance Series mod. You can find inside the presentation of all the models (already released on or in WIP) and even more.

Endurance Series mod Section

Stay tuned for more news of the Service Pack 1 soon !




Download HD version (720p Divx) - 220 MB :

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Youtube version:

EnduRacers YouTube channel