EnduRacers - URD Partnership statement


Date : 28 March 2016


EnduRacers Modding Team and United Racing Design agrees graphic ressources exchanges.

EnduRacers is happy to communicate that we have agreed with URD team some graphic ressources sharings, within the development of our own mods. The agreement will benefit each team to use some 3D models created by the other one for free activities.

Each team remains free to develop any 3D model without limitation. For Enduracers this agreement will help us keep the Endurance Series rF2 mod alive after the upcoming build 1.00 release, knowing that we are suffering skills and available talents to develop new 3D models. The first concrete application for Enduracers is the integration of the Corvette C6.R (GTE spec) and the Corvette C7.R Stingray. The C6 will be included in the first release, and the C7 in a upcoming build.

We would like to thank Alless for his generosity.